New Beginnings

That sounds like a Star Trek spin off series, even though Star Wars IV used it, but this is new start to an old blog I had back in 2008-2009.  I mostly posted on 22lr rimfire firearms.  At the time, 22lr ammo was still less than $20 for a brick.  The highly popular Federal Bulk Pack that Walmart sold was $13!  It was cheap and fun to shoot.  My gun club’s range had a family shoot every Sunday afternoon.  Members brought out their 22lr firearms and helped the kids to have safe fun and learn proper firearm safety.  The most popular was the lever action rifles, or cowboy guns as the kids would say.  No black AR types around.  That, I am sure has changed.

Now, I can load .38 Special loads cheaper than buying 22lr!  And that is if I can find it!  So for the time being, I will being posting about all classic firearms.  I am not one that warmed up to polymer and plastic, but I will be the first one to say a Glock is a pretty damn good pistol! I love the wooden stock on a rifle, but I don’t freak out when my polymer stocked T/C Omega gets wet.

Another addition or change from the original blog would be more hunting on public land.  Now that I am in a new town, and close to one of the best areas in Southern Illinois, I found myself without a person shooting area.  So its public ranges and public hunting ground.  But Rend Lake has several places to hunt.  Everything from small game to upland game, and the larger game like deer, the area has several smaller plots to hunt.  And pretty easy to get to.

Talk to you all soon!  🙂